Jon Dale

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Hello, I'm Jonathan, but please call me Jon.

For nearly 8 years now i've been designing and developing websites. Since starting university in England I've been immersed in the web, and am continually fascinated with the possibilities it brings.

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Back then, I built websites. I thought Flash was the greatest thing since sliced bread, 800x600 was a consideration, zip drives were the bees knees, and tables were the way to go.

Now, things are considerably different. For several reasons. I moved countries and now live in Charlottesville, Virginia. I spend my days working as a designer & developer at Hotelicopter, and I can do more than send a text message on a mobile phone.


Day to day, I read and am inspired by people such as Jeffrey Zeldman, Brendan Dawes, & Jason Santa Maria, not to mention my esteemed colleagues at Hotelicopter. Working in a vibrant & collaborative environment enables me to receive and participate in the critique of our work. I strike the balance between informing myself of the latest movements in design & development — and put my newfound knowledge into practice.

This site

I built this site specifically as a means to experiment a bit and have fun. There's a mix of jQuery, html5, css3 and a dash of php. It won't look great in older browsers or tablets, and it's not meant to. And I'm ok with that. My intention was to create a unique experience sprinkled with a few subtle touches of movement & elegance. Secondarily, it shows several projects I've worked on, both design & development.


Whilst not looking at a screen (Words With Friends doesn't count, btw.), I enjoy going for walks with my wife, playing squash (or any racquet sport for that matter), making a curry, or attempting to finish the final book in the Steig Larsson trilogy.

Below you'll find a selection of projects, both freelance and for Journey Group. It's hard to convey all the hard work of design & development in a series of resized images, so, best thing to do, is go visit them.

Amanda Wheatley
visit site Amanda Wheatley

Freelance Project

Design, jQuery, PHP

Curry School of Education
visit site Curry School of Education

Journey Group Project

Design, EE, jQuery

Garrath Ford
visit site Garrath Ford

Freelance Project

Design, PHP

Story Matters art-directed feature
visit site Story Matters (Feature)

Journey Group Project

Design & development

Dickerson Homes & Development
visit site Dickerson Homes & Development

Freelance Project

Design, jQuery, PHP

USPS : The Grandest Things
visit site USPS : The Grandest Things

Journey Group Project

Design, jQuery

Dana Radcliffe
visit site Dana Radcliffe (Musician)

Freelance Project

Design, jQuery, PHP